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How to Boost Immune System during Covid-19?

  • Rekha Mathews
  • May 4, 2021

The whole world is suffering very much from the COVID 19 pandemic. All countries are trying to do their best to keep the spread under control and save lives. From individual life to the industrial economy, the pandemic has changed the whole scenario of the world. To stay safe and fight the pandemic, you need to take some measures. One of the most common among them is to boost the immune system. However, many people have the same question that ‘how to boost the immune system?’ Here are some best ways given below to boost your immune system.

Eat immune-building food

When it comes to boosting the immune system, nothing works better than healthy eating. There are some specific foods available that can help to boost your immunity. Vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C are very well known for boosting immunity. Raw garlic has also proved to be working very well for boosting immunity. Apart from that, if you are wondering how to boost immune system, then you can eat foods such as carrots, berries, spinach, and others that are high in antioxidants. Some foods that contain prebiotics are also good for immunity. Here are some of the fruits that you need to include in your diet to boost your immune system.

Oranges – Among all of the different fruits, oranges are known to be the most popular for boosting immunity. Oranges are filled with vitamin C, which is known for high immunity-boosting abilities. Almost all the varieties of orange contain more than recommended daily amount of vitamin C. Apart from that, if you are wondering how to boost immune system by eating oranges, then some other benefits include boosting collagen production, reducing the stress hormone levels, blood pressure, reduce the chances of catching a cold.

Apples – Apples are mostly known for being a great source of natural sugars and fiber. However, more benefits make this fruit appear on the second place of this list. The skin of the apple contains quercetin that helps to reduce inflammation and boost the immune system. As the saying goes, “an apple a day keeps the doctors away” it is very helpful for a healthy lifestyle. Make sure to include apple in your diet routine.

Grapefruit – If you are looking for how to boost immune system, then Grapefruit is one of the best options out there. It is widely available in almost all places and also popular for being a rich source of vitamin C. Apart from vitamin C, the fruit also contains vitamin A and fiber that boost the immune system and improve eyesight. As the grapefruits are filled with water, it will also help you to stay hydrated. However, be aware that most grapefruit contain properties that can make some medications less effective.

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