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Shippping Policy

When our customers show faith in us, it becomes our responsibility to prove that they have made a great choice by opting for our products. We hereby introduce you to our unique shipping policy and process to make you choose us as your fruit seller repeatedly.

1. Any order received on a day within 11:59 a.m. will be ready for delivery the next day between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
2. We hand deliver our fruits and we don’t involve any third-party entity between our customers and us.
3. If you think that the quality of fruits received is not up to the mark, you are free to claim for a replacement or refund. To do this, you can either upload your grievance online on our official website or call on the toll-free number for us to take immediate action.
4. Our fruits are packaged well to keep the contents inside fresh, safe, and in good condition.
5. Fruits are sensitive products and hence we store them in a favorable condition to make sure they remain fresh until handed over to the customers.