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Buy Exotic Fruits Online in Kerala at Best Price


Buy Exotic Fruits Online in Kerala at Best Price

Fruits are a very important part of the diet routine that provides a lot of vitamins and minerals. There are different types of fruits available such as seasonal fruits, exotic fruits, and others. Among all of them, exotic fruits are not that much available because they are very rare. However, if you are from Kerala and looking to buy exotic fruits online, then you can get plenty of choices. Among all the others, Fruit Carro is an online fruit shop that provides plenty of rare and exotic fruits at very low prices. They have a much-expanded supply chain in different directions that help to provide plenty of fruits from rare to common ones.

Although there are many online shops available in Kerala, you will not get exotic fruits available in most of them. Exotic fruits are very rare and come from a specific region. If you are looking to buy exotic fruits online, then here are some of the most common ones including Passion fruit, Dragon fruit, Pulasan, Durian, Santol, Purple Mangosteen, Rambutan, and others. Some of them are cultivated in Kerala, which makes them easily available. However, there are some others that come from different places.

Some of the benefits of exotic fruits are given below.

Star Fruit

  • Helps to keep the digestive system working perfectly
  • Comes with low calorie and a lot of vitamins and antioxidants
  • Boost immunity with a high amount of vitamin C
  • Prevent lifestyle problems with the help of polyphenolic flavonoids
  • Protect from heart attack and diseases with the help of different properties like phosphorus, potassium, iron, zinc, and others


  • Control sugar in the body and prevent liver damage
  • Works very well against infections like fungal infections, ear infections, microbial infections, and others with the help of anti-microbial and anti-helmitic properties like the albendazole drug 
  • It is used to fight off diabetic symptoms with anti-diabetic properties

Indian Hog Plum or Ambarella

  • Very good for ligaments, skin, cartilage, tendons, and other body parts as it contains a huge amount of vitamin C, natural oxidant, collagen production
  • Prevents any heart diseases as it contains a lot of iron, myoglobin, hemoglobin
  • Eases bowel movements, cure diabetes, headaches
  • Proved to work very good against hypertension

Wood Apple or Bael

  • This fruit is extremely good for digestion, inflammation, ulcers, and other gastric problems
  • Works excellently as a blood purifying agent
  • Used in Ayurveda remedies to treat fractures and other conditions
  • Some common health problems like cold, respiratory problems can get cured using bael
  • With laxatives and other properties, this fruit helps to fight diabetes

Most of these exotic fruits are available in Fruit Carro. You can visit and buy exotic fruits online from this shop at a very reasonable price. Along with low prices, this fruit shop also offers huge discounts and offers on these exotic fruits. You can also get exotic fruits delivered to your doorstep in different places across Kerala.