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The Best Fruits Delivery Services in Kerala

  • Rekha Mathews
  • October 28, 2021

We’re always looking for new ways to make life easier, whether it’s a clever home hack or a simple convenience enhancement. We’ve discovered the best fruits delivery services when it comes to eating healthy. Opening a box of farm-fresh fruit from across the country or worldwide can be the perfect pick-me-up.

There are a plethora of produce delivery services available, so there’s no reason to miss out on your five-a-day target. We looked for fantastic providers that deliver across the country, whether you’re looking for a traditional apple-orange-banana combo or something more exotic like dragonfruit and finger limes. We’ve compiled a list of the best fruits delivery services.


Why Did We Pick It?

Fruit Carro offers a diverse range of fruit boxes that may be ordered on your timetable. Choose seasonal fruits and vegetables like peaches and plums, or try something unusual like dragon fruits and custard apples.


Traditional favorites, as well as unique options, are available in abundance.
Fruits, both organic and conventional
Recipes are available on an easy-to-navigate website.
Orders are handled in one day, and fruit baskets can be given as gifts.


Fruit Carro, Kerala’s best fruits delivery services, has it all when you want a little bit of everything. The company, which has been serving the fruits wholesale industry as Bharat Fruits Company in Kerala since 1988, has been exporting from its organic certified packing plant in Kerala.

Fruit Carro offers a wide range of purchase options, ranging from high-end fruit baskets ideal for corporate gifts to single-fruit shipments from apples to bananas to exotic fruits like dragonfruit and papaya. Their fruit of the month membership gives you fresh, exotic fruit every month, and you may also purchase by category or by the fruit of the day.

Alternatively, you can order exactly what you want, such as four kilograms of delicious limes (mosambi) for a few hundred dollars per box. Fruit Carro ships in various ways: Ernakulam, Thrissur, Chavakkad, and Palakkad are the four districts in Kerala. Coimbatore is on the way. Shipping costs vary depending on the item for those outsides of the area. Because the service does not ship with refrigerants, speed is critical and it may delay a shipment to prevent shipping on Saturdays or Sundays, which could result in spoilage.

Fruit Carro exclusively ships the highest quality products; thus, they are only accessible during peak season. Its website, which is full of blogs, will give you an impression of the high quality we believe in and offer and make it obvious what can be ordered at any given time.



When looking for the most exemplary fruits delivery services, we looked for organizations that offered a variety of fruits rather than just one. We sought companies with extensive distribution in Kerala and, if possible, nearby shipping. When feasible, we also gave preference to enterprises owned by women or minorities.


Final Verdict

Fruit Carro takes the prize for sheer variety. Fruit Carro has it all, whether you’re looking for the best in classic seasonal alternatives or want to venture into the world of exotic fruits. In addition, its informative and engaging website is a valuable addition to blogs. How to choose the best fruits delivery services.

When choosing a fruits delivery service, consider what types of fruits you enjoy. Do you want to eat locally grown produce that is in season? Is it necessary to you to eat organic produce? Next, see if your box can be customized.
Finally, consider shipping choices. Is it essential for you to be present to receive the package if shipping is included? Check the policy on refunds for shipments that may arrive damaged or spoilt.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Process of Fruit Delivery?
Customers can purchase shipments of single types or a mix of fresh fruit to their door via a website.

What Is the Frequency of Fruit Delivery Services?
Every fruit delivery business operates uniquely. Some companies provide weekly service, while others allow you to obtain a single box as needed.

What Is the Average Number of Fruit Pieces in a Fruit Delivery?
Fruit boxes come in various sizes, depending on the provider. Small boxes usually serve two to three individuals in a family. To be sure, go to the website for the service you want to use.

Is it possible to send a fruit delivery as a present?
Fruits can be delivered to any address within the delivery region of the service by Fruit Carro without compromising in the quality.

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