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Unavailability of healthy fruits during Covid-19 pandemic

  • Rekha Mathews
  • May 19, 2021

The pandemic is upon us with a different types of challenges. Many industries are currently paused and waiting to resume. To stop the spread of the virus, most people are now locked in their homes due to lockdown. Staying at home is effective to fight the pandemic, but you need to boost your immunity as well. One of the best ways to boost your immunity is by eating different fruits. However, due to lockdown and interrupted supply chain, unavailability of healthy fruits has become very common. The market is deeply affected due to the pandemic and trying to provide as much as possible.

Reasons for unavailability of fruits

Here are some of the most common reasons given below for the unavailability of fruits.

  • Supply chain interruption

One of the most crucial reasons that caused the unavailability of fruits is the interruption of supply chains. Just like other things, the supply chains have been interrupted very much because of the lockdown. It made it very hard to get a regular supply of fruits in different shops. The shortage of fruits is very common in almost all of the places.

  • Transportation shortage

Due to the pandemic, transportations have reduced very much, and some of them are not available as well. Mode of transportation got cancelled to stop the virus from spreading, which caused the unavailability of healthy fruits. Compared to past times, there are only some of the transportations are available right now such as roads, water, and others.

  • Closed local fruit shops

The number of fruit shops has decreased very much due to the pandemic. While some offline shops have started selling their fruits online and started delivery, others closed their shops. During the whole lockdown, many fruit shops are closed, which made it hard to get fruits. Most of the shops are unable to store fruits and sell them because of breaks in supply chains.

How to get fruits during the pandemic

Although it is very hard to get fruits during a pandemic due to the unavailability of healthy fruits. But there are some things that you can do to get them available. Here are some of them given below that you can try.

  • Shop online

One of the best ways to get fruits available during the pandemic is shopping online. Compared to offline markets, the availability of fruits is much more common in online stores. As most of the online shops have very well storage systems, they are able to store fruits for a long time and provide them to customers. Even with supply chain interruption, they manage to provide fruits because of large storage. Also, they have an advanced freezing system that helps them to keep the fruits fresh. Some of the online fruit shops get fruits from local farms that help them to get supplies even in the pandemic.

  • Store fruits

You need to store fruits once a week and keep them preserved. During the pandemic, it might be hard to get fruits available every day. The best option is to store as much as possible based on your need. However, do not store unnecessarily, because other people also need them to stay healthy.

These will help you to get an idea about the causes and solution of the unavailability of healthy fruits during the pandemic.

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